Teen Haven Programs

We host weekly evening programs for middle and high school students from October through May.

Our Creed

My Faith is in God
My Identity is in Christ
I Will Live a Consistent Lifestyle
Be the Greatest Servant
& Walk in Love

Launching teens from Lancaster City into a life of leadership and purpose. By providing a healthy community to thrive in, and mentoring them to become leaders in their city, churches and schools, Teen Haven is building a better foundation for a brighter future.

Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm for high school students.

At Impact, we are dedicated to empowering students to make an impact in their school, community, and amongst their families and peers. We want to provide hands-on learning and experiences that are enriching, engaging, creative, and will widen the lens to possibilities for our students in their community and world. We believe that when young people know their identity in Christ, they can make a greater impact in the world and for the kingdom!

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What are Grow Groups?

Grow Groups are intentional mentorship groups.  Groups consist of 2-6 students and 1-2 adult Teen Haven staff member as the Grow Group Leader & Mentor.

Why should I join a Grow Group?

Being a part of a Grow Group gives you an opportunity to develop friendship and build community with Teen Haven leaders and peers. You’ll meet in smaller group settings and have the opportunity for meaningful discussions and in some cases even learn a new skill. 

Grow Group Student Commitment:

Joining a Grow Group is option.  However, since we have limited space for each group, we do ask for commitment. As you discuss this with your parent/caretaker, please take in to consideration the times and dates below to know if you are able to attend consistently.

Registration Limited


Training Camp is a leadership opportunity of a lifetime for high school young men. Training Camp is a unique experience where you will be given opportunities to develop your God-given talents and abilities, while developing your leadership skills. TRAINING CAMP will help bring out the leader God has made you to be.

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For more information, contact us at 717-392-1995 or teenhaven@wsm.org.

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